Swift’s Journal to Stella

Between 2 September 1710 and 6 June 1713 the great satirist and author of Gulliver’s Travels Jonathan Swift wrote 65 letters to his friends Esther Johnson and Rebecca Dingley. The letters weren’t published as Journal to Stella until 1766, but ever since then they have remained a fascinating, if mysterious, insight into both eighteenth-century politics and Swift’s personal life. Full of court gossip, bawdy jokes, and baby talk, the Journal to Stella is lively, amusing, and unique. Can you crack the code of Swift’s lewd jokes, madcap spelling, and outlandish metaphors?

The 65 letters in A Journal to Stella were written over the course of three years, at a rate of approximately 2 per month, though some appear in clusters and others after a longer hiatus. Sign up to read the Journal to Stella with Journal•Lists, and experience the anticipation, frustration, and amusement that Johnson and Dingley must have felt with their mercurial friend the Dean.

You can read an introduction to the Journal to Stella at the Jonathan Swift Archive, and here.

 Swift’s Journal to Stella begins on 2 September 2015.

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