In the 18th and 19th centuries the rise of the newspaper, and the success of published letters and diaries (both real and fictitious) meant that times and dates came to govern reading like never before. Today, we usually read periodicals, correspondences, and diaries in single volumes, without paying too much attention to the chronology of their publication or composition. Journal•Lists is recovering the art of reading in instalments, by delivering them to your email inbox on the day they were originally published, written, or set.

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You can subscribe for free to as many or as few serialised publications as you wish. Use Journal•Lists as an incentive to read something new in manageable doses, or as a new way of engaging with a favourite book.

Previous Journal•Lists titles have included James Boswell’s diary of his tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, and Lord Byron’s Ravenna journal. Each diary entry was delivered to subscribers’ inboxes on the anniversary of the day it was originally written.

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