Byron’s Ravenna Journal

*Byron’s Ravenna Journal is now Finished*


Byron wrote the Ravenna journal at a crucial juncture in his literary, political, and personal life. Having left Venice, and its carnivals and whores, Byron began his long affair with Countess Teresa Guiccioli, and the majority of this diary is written in the Ravenna home of the Count he was cuckolding. While at Ravenna Byron had a growing realisation that the Italian uprisings he had championed would come to nothing, and he began to long for Greece. The journal’s lancinating wit and epigrammatic style give the reader a fascinating insight into the literary opinions, passions, and even the diet, of the Regency’s greatest figure.

By reading Byron’s journal entries on the days they were written, Journal•Lists subscribers will feel the ebb and flow of the journal, and may even wonder whether Byron’s bitterness and despondency was exacerbated by the gloom of a wet winter.

Byron’s Ravenna Journal ran from January – February 1821 and was delivered via Journal•Lists in 2016.


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